Integration Hub for JIRA

What is iHub?

Integration Hub for Jira, affectionately known as iHub (or i.hub), is a versatile tool that acts as the central nerve for your digital operations. It's primarily an automation tool designed for REST integrations and more. Whether you're looking to automate tasks within Jira, fetch data from an external system, or even create a ticket in another platform, iHub stands ready to streamline the process.

Key Features:

  1. Integration Flows: Easily create sequences of actions, or "flows", to automate tasks between systems. Each flow is made up of actions that execute in sequence.

  2. Customizable Triggers: Set events, like issue creations in Jira or scheduled jobs defined by Unix cron expressions, to kick off these flows.

  3. Universal Communication: Uses standard HTTP protocols to converse with any arbitrary endpoint, making it highly adaptable to a myriad of systems.

  4. Flexible Actions: Define the steps your flow should take. Whether it's a simple task like updating a Jira issue or more intricate operations involving other platforms.

  5. User-friendly Interface: From the "Integrations Hub" in the Apps menu, you can effortlessly set up, edit, or view your integrations.

  6. Visual Previews: Ensure your integrations work perfectly by previewing action outcomes using sample Jira issues.

Why Choose iHub?

  • Efficiency: Minimize repetitive tasks and manual data transfers. Achieve smooth automations across diverse platforms.

  • Connectivity: Whether it's integrating with Jira, another CRM, or even fetching data from remote systems, iHub ensures seamless interactivity.

  • Simplicity: Designed to be user-friendly, even those without a technical background can set up powerful integrations.

  • Problem Solver: Address common integration challenges, such as creating tickets in external systems or fetching data from other platforms.

  • Safety: Built in compliance with Atlassian's stringent standards, ensuring the safety and integrity of your data.

When Should You Use iHub?

Choose iHub when you need to fetch data from other systems using REST calls, or when you want to maximize the automation capabilities within Jira. The use-cases are boundless. From communicating with external systems to operations on the Jira instance it's installed on, iHub is the comprehensive solution to a multitude of integration scenarios.



iHub isn't merely a tool; it's the future of your operational efficiency. By serving as a bridge between Jira and other digital tools, it revolutionizes the way you handle data and processes in a digitally interconnected world.