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How to guide on how to create alarm issues from Nodinite.


This tutorial should result in issues being created when alarms goes off in Nodinite.Image RemovedImage Removed


Step 1. Webhook in Nodinite

Step 2. Setup Integration to create the issues

  • Click create and select a Group called Nodinite

  • Click create and select an Iteration called Nodinite - Iterate monitors

  • Set Json Path to array: $.MonitorViews

This will tell iHub to go through each Monitor View in Nodinite.

  • Next is to add the the Action that creates the issues

  • Click create and select Action

  • Choose template category Jira Core

  • Choose template Create Issue

  • Click Create
    Structure should look like this

    Image RemovedImage Added
  • Make sure the action has Auto-generate 1st level as variables from parent response selected

  • Select the credential

  • Modify this body to fit your instance

    Code Block
        "fields": {
            "project": {
                "key": "ITSUP"
            "summary": "Monitor: {{Name}}",
            "issuetype": {
                "name": "Task"
            "description":"{{Description}} has Status {{StatusCode.Name}} for resources:  {{#ChangedResources}} * {{Name}}{{/ChangedResources}}",
            "reporter": {
                "name": "kg"
            "labels": [